Activity diagram of Yampa reactimate

This blog post was originally written back in 2010-07-10


download: diagram (.svg), fonts (cmr10.ttf, cmtt10.ttf)

  1. Collect the input events (init and input) in an IO task.

  2. Pass them to process (which is purely functional) and…

  3. core is a Yampa.dpSwitch which consists of route, the object list IL sf and killAndSpawn.

  4. route first reasons about all previous object states to produce logical events (collisions etc.) and…

  5. secondly bundles the input and logical events to the objects (IL (ObjEvents, sf)).

  6. Run all the signal functions which in turn may produce kill or spawn requests of new objects…

  7. which are applied in killAndSpawn to possibly get a new object collection (IL Object) which are then fed-back into core.

  8. Render all objects states and loop.